Who are Mind?

Mind is a national mental health charity concerned with the needs and rights of mentally distressed people and their families.  Conwy Mind helps local people rebuild their lives by providing friendly support and a chance to share experiences and regain self respect.  We offer a warm welcome, a chance to make new friends and an opportunity to develop new skills and interests.

The importance of good mental health

Mental health is a vital part of our general health and well being.  We need good mental health, good physical health and good social health for us to get the most out of our lives.

Everyone, including people with mental health problems has a basic desire to lead a full and fulfilling life.  If our mental health suffers – say through depression, anxiety or confusion, our everyday lives can be seriously disrupted.

Mental illness can be triggered or made worse by social stresses such as unemployment, poverty, divorce or a death in the family.  Mental illness can also affect physical health, and severe or prolonged mental illness can have serious social and financial consequences.

Mental illness can affect anyone

Mental illness severe enough to need professional help is as common as heart disease.  In fact more people commit suicide each year than are killed in road traffic accidents.  One in four adults will visit their GP each year with some mental health problem.  It could be you, someone in the family, a neighbour or somebody at work.  Millions of working days are lost each year because people need sick leave for some form of mental distress or illness.

Mental health problems can be a factor in family and relationship breakdowns, usually occurring when people need support most of all.  Nevertheless, most people with time, understanding and treatment will recover.