What are the Five Ways to Wellbeing?

Click to download your Five Ways Handbook

If you are reading this then you are going to attend a Five Ways to Wellbeing course. I am the Trainer at Conwy Mind and will be delivering the course (the date and time are in the email you received).

The Handbook is designed to get you thinking about the Five Ways to Wellbeing it’s not homework and it won’t be marked! That said we will reference it throughout the course so have it to hand.

We will be meeting on Zoom; please try to be five minutes early in case of any computer hiccups. It is best to attend the course on a computer, a phone is too small and tablets sometimes lack functionality. If you have any technical issues opening the Handbook or if anything is unclear please email me and we can talk it through.

I will send you the Zoom invite a couple of days before the course.

I look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy going through the Handbook.

Nick Meakins (He/Him)
Hyfforddwr / Trainer:- Conwy Mind

Mental Health Awaresness